Chairs Kill

Are you condemming yourself to a slow death or do you want the best life possible?

Did you know that most people spend about twelve hours on average per day sitting on their backside! This is a fact!

UK scientist developed a high tech set of underpants, which measured every movement and calorie consumption during a person’s waking and sleeping hours.

The high tech pants, although not a real fashion statement, had sensors and when the pants were connected to a computer told the scientist how many calories the person burned.

Now we don’t want you to purchase these “fidgety pants”, but just use the stairs, walk, less use of the car, do increase your physical activity however small.

So it is a NEAT solution for improving your health. Maybe you would like to check yourself out – how many hours per day do you spend on your posterior.

NEAT stands for “Non Exercise Activity Thermo genesis”. You burn calories whilst carrying out all your activities of daily living (ADL).

UK Obesity expert, Dr. James Lebine has proven via these “fidget” pants, that by just increasing your activities, such as more walking; you not only burn about 500 additional calories, your body’s physiology changes. It increases your metabolic rate and activates genes controlling the fat and sugar levels in your blood. By walking faster, you can double and triple your metabolic rate. Even just standing burns calories. Every movement burns calories. By keeping on the move you not only burn those extra calories, you also prevent gunk building up and prevent blood sugar and blood fat levels from rising. You should never be sitting down for more than an hour.

The long and short of it- increase your NEAT, keep active, walk, walk and walk some more – no sweat! Remember, chairs kill!

Note: Researched by Prof. Jamie Timmons of the Nottingham University, of 1000 people over a period of 4 years, doing the same type of exercise for 4 hrs per week for 20 weeks

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June 7, 2013

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