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Grampians Olive Oil Company

Have you ever tasted real authentic, certified organic cold pressed olive oil from Grampians Olive Oil Company? Or, stone milled and certified organic sourdough bread from Zeally Bay Bakery? Our guests had the chance at our first event held in Camberwell at PinkiPinki Tea premises.

It was such a great way to bring people together, to catch up and to meet new and interesting people who share the same passion for quality food and keeping healthy. Each shared their experiences and comments about food and establishment of PinkiPinki, which Cindy Lue made available for us.

There even as a lovely prize of Moet Champagne, donated by MELCA, plus a bottle of olive oil with tasty bread from Greg and Joel. Cindy provided her exquisite tea sold in PinkiPinki.

Greg Mathews came out of his comfort zone big time, not only by travelling all the way from the Grampians, but also overcoming his shyness for speaking in front of people about his authentic, organic cold pressed olive oil. One could tell how passionate and proud he is about the products of the Grampian Olive Oil Company and shared his ‘Olio Nuovo’ for tasting.

Joel Farnan came laden up with his collection of exceptional bread, which he cut up into chunks, so we could just dip into the lovely oil. No one worried about cholesterol, calories or gluten, nor should we. Zeally Bay do not add any extra gluten to enhance bread as it is freshly milled and has all the goodness of grains. Of course, it is a pity if you are a celiac and allergic.

It goes without saying, to really taste high-quality olive oil, you also need top of the range bread to dip into the oil, topped with dukka! I am of course talking about Zeally Bay Sourdough Bakery from Torquay! Certified totally organic! Read the label when you come across the brand.

Zeally Bay Sourdough

As a health coach, I’m always searching for quality food from Australian farmers and manufacturers. I find it quite bizarre when hearing comments about the cost of quality food, being unaffordable for a family and yet, there seems to be enough for chips, biscuits, soft drinks etc. It is worth paying that little more for basics to nourish the body. It is impossible to sustain good health by eating inferior food.

Often we don’t know that food is inferior as we fall prey to clever advertising and not paying enough attention to reading labels. Supermarkets are only interested in making profits and superior products as mentioned will not be of interest to them.

The event finished with eating the yummy bread dipped in oil and dukka!

I would love to promote more boutique Australian food manufacturers who can make a difference in health. Keep our food Australian and support our farmers to protect our future. At the same time experience the taste of real food. We don’t know what we don’t know!

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September 22, 2018

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